Flybridge is Hiring an Associate – Know Anyone?

In the face of all the hoopla over the VC industry contracting, Flybridge Capital Partners is hiring an associate to join our investment team.  You can read the job description and learn how to apply for the associate position here.

Please feel free to pass this news around.  We would love to run an open process, as many other VC firms have done so successfully, to find a terrific candidate.

13 thoughts on “Flybridge is Hiring an Associate – Know Anyone?

  1. I guess I’m going to have to read my book on Canaanite Archeology on the plane — I read your book over the weekend. I did a blog post about my thoughts on the book, Batman and entrepreneurship on my blog:
    All in all, a really really fun read. Lots of good tidbits (even as someone who’s been through many startups). Maybe because I connected with your personal experiences/background, but I think it was just written well. And Dice-K was pitching which made it easy to not watch the game and read the book instead.


  2. Meh, it’s the first edition of the iPad, there will be better ones. I doubt, though, that there will be better lives or better B747s.
    I’m honestly looking forward to the book. I’ve been chatting with the Flybridge (and Founder Collective) folks for a few months now, so I’m interested in seeing it all laid-out in writing.
    I ask, before I actually read it, is VC a fast-moving industry in regards to trends and change? In IT, things that were well regarded 5 years ago aren’t necessarily well-regarded now. Many IT books aren’t useful past a certain shelf-life because of those trends (though one could argue that the basic philosophies remain unchanged). If I pick up the book 5 years from now, do you think it will still mostly be relevant? I’m just curious as I learn more and more about the VC world.


  3. I threw my name in the hat…
    Got your book via Kindle/iPad the other day. I have a 14 hour plane ride next Thursday so I figured that would be perfect. I sincerely hope I don’t have the desire to throw it out of the window, because I would surely die if that happened.


  4. I am interested in the role and have sent an email to Matt. I will also pass around the announcement to let other qualified candidates know. I really appreciate these transparent, open hiring processes. I feel that they are to the benefit of all involved.
    Looking forward to discussing the role further.


  5. Hi Mr. Bussgang,
    I’m very interested on VC and PE and just bought your book on Amazon.
    Would you be interested on opportunities to invest in Brazilian Agribusiness trough Venture capital or Private Equity?
    Best Regards,
    – Rafael Salerno


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