CyberMonday strikes again

As readers of my blog know, I never flog my portfolio companies, but tomorrow is CyberMonday and as a fan of e-commerce over the last 12 years in the industry, I find it hard to not do a little cheerleading in general and for Mall Networks in particular.

According to, 68.5 million people will shop for holiday gifts from work, up substantially from last year, and 30.2% of holiday sales will be influenced by the Internet.  It’s an incredible transformation and it’s hard to imagine what the next 12 years will bring given the pervasiveness of broadband, mobile and the forces of globalization.  It’ll be interesting to see if consumer worries about the housing slump, mortgage crisis and other economic woes will slow down e-commerce spending tomorrow and beyond this holiday season.

3 thoughts on “CyberMonday strikes again

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