Think Like a VC, Act Like an Entrepreneur

BusinessWeek asked me to write an article for them on entrepreneurship in their latest issue At Work.  You can read it here:  "Think Like a VC, Act Like an Entrepreneur".

It was fun for me to try to aim something at a more general business audience than my tyipcal entrepreneurial audience.

It was also very fun for me to see who they put on the cover of the issue:  Dwight Schrute, who has to be one of the funniest television characters ever.  While I was on vacation last week, I finished Season 3 of The Office and am looking forward to Season 4!

5 thoughts on “Think Like a VC, Act Like an Entrepreneur

  1. This is a very good article.
    Putting myself at the risk of sounding stupid, but isn’t what you describe the difference between strategy and tactics?
    Kind regards, Jens


  2. Jeff, Great article. very insightful as usual. I left a comment on the BusinessWeek site.
    I like the Jack Welch quotes. You seem to have a bunch of them. Where do you get them?
    Don Dodge


  3. Great! I was searching for such an offer in business management. As Entrepreneur Environment is taking the world business to one distinct level where there is much competition as to take as an VC. Really an nice article you have provided.


  4. Jeff,
    Congratulations! Great article! You deserve the BusinessWeek oppurtunity. I love the idea of the leader in an entrepreneurial environment taking on the mentality of a VC. You wrote in a previous post, as entrepreneurs we get “In over [our] heads.” As leaders we need to manage the entrepreneurial environment to make sure our employees don’t fall below the 80%/20% line. By hiring the right people, controlling the size of the work-teams, and thinking like a VC a productive entrepreneurial environment should prevail.
    I too look forward to season 4 of The Office (I think it’s the best sitcom since Seinfeld).
    I look forward to more additions to your blog.
    Kind Regards,
    Eric Shooman


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