What Makes Boston’s Start-Up Scene Special?

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A few weeks ago, Fred Wilson posted a presentation he delivered on What Makes the NYC Start-Up Scene Special.

I was inspired to deliver a similar presentation today to a group of Harvard Business School students who are interested in entrepreneurship in Boston. There’s been alot of chatter in the community about a start-up renaissance in Boston.  Don Dodge of Microsoft had a great post listing out all the amazing start-up resources in the Boston community that’s worth reviewing as well.

Yahoo’s ex-president (and fellow HBS EIR) Susan Decker was there to serve as a good foil for my Boston vs. Silicon Valley quips. 

What Makes the Boston Start-Up Scene Special?

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And here’s the video:



17 thoughts on “What Makes Boston’s Start-Up Scene Special?

  1. The talent, energy, money and support seems to be settling in NYC these days and I hear from more and more Bostonians who are splitting time between Boston and NYC to get things done.
    It’s easy to say Boston is great for startups, but the SV comparison is stale. We’ll never be SV, and SV will be where the lion’s share of innovation/people/money is.
    Absolutely nothing wrong with that in the least, we have plenty of good stuff to work on right here inside 128.


  2. Everyone I’ve met echoes the same sentiment…there’s a lot of momentum at this point. There are hundreds of organizations in the region that support entrepreneurs in one way or another and with mergers like yesterday’s MassTLC-MassNetComm, the ecosystem will only strengthen.
    Don’s list is a good start, but there’s a lot more resources out there that are All listed at http://www.greenhornconnect.com


  3. i hope every startup scene of note outside of SV does this. there are at least a half dozen and maybe a dozen vibrant places to do startups in the country. we need to stand up for ourselves!!!!


  4. Awesome presentation. Boston sure seems like a great place to start companies, even if TechCrunch doesn’t think so (http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/10/31/the-valley-of-my-dreams-why-silicon-valley-left-bostons-route-128-in-the-dust/).
    Through a combination of a session at the unConference, Don Dodge’s list, and internal efforts, there is a quite comprehensive list of everything the city and region has to offer in organizations, resources, funding, workspaces and more. You can find it at http://www.GreenhornConnect.com


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