Why So Serious?

FCP Team at CTW 7.0

Creating world-beating companies from scratch is hard.  Being an entrepreneur is a thankless job, with emotional highs and lows and, often times, too much drama.

Seven years ago, my partners and I decided we would create a unique weekend event in the summer for entrepreneurs, VCs and other special friends to gather with their families and blow off some steam. The singular goal in mind was to bring incredibly talented people together, who also happen to be very nice (or perhaps we bring very nice people together, who also happen to be incredibly talented) and create an environment where we can all relax and, at the Saturday evening costume party, be a little goofy.  There are times when we all take ourselves a little too seriously, and so we created this weekend as a way to ground everyone in the reality that we're all human, trying our best to build interesting companies, interesting careers, have fun and be fulfilled.

In that spirit, this weekend's Catch the Wave 2010 was another huge success.  At the risk of a bit too much transparency, here are some photos from this year's and past year's events (this year's costume party theme was "Alter Ego" – one with rich possibilies)… 

Tom as the Joker

10 thoughts on “Why So Serious?

  1. Love to.
    What is the best email to reach you at? For your privacy you can also email me at robert -at- crowdbeacon -dot- com.
    Really looking forward to getting your input though. Cheers.


  2. Excellent news. This was my gut feeling as well — there’s no better litmus test for a product than taking it to market right?
    Also, I would love to share specifics with you if you’re interested. I know that mobile has been an area of interest of yours in the past, and it’s always better to get a diversity of input when you’re bootstrapping, right? 🙂


  3. Jeff.
    Love the pics and the transparency. We are a strange lot entrepreneurs, bless our heart.
    Quick question: If you had a location-based application that you could launch bootstrapped (and on a shoe-string budget)– would you do this instead of raising an Angel round (for marketing/staff)?
    Assume here that you are (which you are) an entrepreneur that has a track record of success in marketing a product and gaining market share.
    Would really love your input. Thanks!


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