I am a Bostonian

I was born and have lived in the Boston area almost all my life.  I went to school here, met my wife and married her here, built a family and pursued my career here.  I am a rabid fan of all the sports teams and love exploring and connecting with every nook and corner of this community.  Never have I been more proud of the resilience of my home town.  Never have I felt more meaning in the statement:  “I am a Bostonian.”  In the Flybridge partners meeting this morning — which was held at one of our homes as our office is a part of the crime scene and in “lock down” mode — we discussed where we were when we learned of the horrible events, how we felt, who we know who was touched by it all.  We checked in with loved ones throughout the meeting and fielded kind notes from friends and colleagues.

For those of you who have written, texted, tweeted and called with words of solidarity and support, thank you. The sensitivity and tenderness that my kids’ schools have shown
is another reflection of what an amazing community we live in.  We are all more bonded together by this sad experience.

The talk in the town is that next year’s Boston Marathon will be the greatest in history.  Many of my friends who have never ran before are thinking seriously about running in
it.  Many vow they will be at the finish line cheering the runners on.  Many more still
vow that the fundraising efforts next year will dwarf years past.  The theme throughout the city today is “we will persevere, we will thrive, this will not slow this great community down.”

The world is watching us and we intend to step up.

I am a Bostonian.

4 thoughts on “I am a Bostonian

  1. Jeff, it is truly moving how everyone reacted to this unthinkable and irrational act of terrorism. In that sense, I wanted to share with you and your readers MIT’s effort to convey warmth and unity to the people of Boston. Even though I’m not american (or Bostonian) I love this country and this city as if I were..


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