The Product Management Revolution

Copyright Martin Eriksson and Mind the Product 2011.

The art of Product Management continues to evolve. I've enjoyed spending time with many VPs of product in the last year since I co-authored an HBS note on the role of the Product Manager to develop more insights, materials and case studies on that revolution.

Earlier this week I taught a seminar on product management to MIT Sloan students as part of their "Sloan Innovation Period (SIP)" curriculum.  Although it's not exactly the EdX experience, in the spirit of open courseware, I thought others interested in the topic might enjoy the materials I used for the class, which are here:

4 thoughts on “The Product Management Revolution

  1. This is a great layout Jeff. I liked the mention of modern product management being Lean, Agile, and data-driven – always seeking product-market fit with an MVP.
    After product-market fit, the role of a modern PM involves continuous product improvement and hypothesis-testing beyond the MVP or BizPlan/Canvas (as you mention).
    I think you can integrate that thought with a “Product Development” process in slide 8 that aligns with the Agile & Scrum mindset. I attached an example of this.
    Great read as always – thanks.


  2. I love this series. However, the one thing you never address is that your vision of Product Management includes many of the outbound functions that were, and in many companies, are the area of Product Marketing. You need to do a piece on that relationship and how the PM evolves from inbound, bug focus to this mix – OR find a PMM type who can work closely with engineering to build a new vision of PM.


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